Corporate Governance & Social Responsibility

Legal adherence and compliance
We strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of Kenya .We strive to comply with ethical standards and requirements .The compliance list include:-
Full incorporation of our business.
1) Requisite business licensing by the local authority concerned.
2) Adherence to KRA standards and requirements with regard to; Income Tax, PAYE, NSS, NHIF, Withholding Tax and other taxes.
3) Payment of duties, levies and license fees to the Town Council of Karuri and Municipal Council of Ruiru.
4) Adherence to NEMA standards and requirements on environmental safety.
5) Matching industry standards in terms of product quality and acceptance
6) Occupational safety and hazards compliance as well as workplace security.
7) Social concerns and activities like donations to charity concerns like children’s homes and less privileged people.

Social responsibility
As far as social responsibility is concerned, TRV Group of Companies plays her rightful role in the society. An indicator list is given below:-
1) Provision of employment to locals to boost community welfare.
2) Being empathetic to issues of day to day life affecting or afflicting our staff.
3) Offering professional world class services at affordable prices so that a wide client base can benefit from our products.
4) Supporting environment friendly activities by, for example, using recycled paper.
5) Helping build the Kenyan economy by being a faithful tax payer and complying with Town Council By-laws.

Industry ethics and professionalism
We practice and endeavour to achieve and adhere to the business and ethical practices. These include:
1) Maintaining client confidentiality at all times
2) Being an equal-opportunity employer.
3) Generating comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate and business reports to regulators including Tax authorities.

Compliance, Business Accounts and Banking
We always “stick by the rules” where applicable and relevant .We maintain comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date business and management accounts.This serves us well in terms of business processes as well as comes in handy relationship with:
1) The Local Authorities
2) Environmental Regulators (NEMA)
3) Kenya tax authorities (KRA)
4) Our suppliers and customers
5) National Construction Authority (NCA)

Accounting & Financing
To complement the compliances in above, we maintain a strict policy of business banking. This includes:-
1) Maintaining a business current account with a recognized and sound banking institution.
2) Non-acceptance of cash unless with prior arrangement,
3) Daily banking of all receipts; either cash or cheque. Regular withdrawals of petty cash and other float requirements
4) The Group maintains Business Bank Accounts with NIC Bank Ltd, Bank of India, Housing Finance Company of Kenya Ltd,Commercial Bank of Africa Ltd, Paramount Bank Ltd and Credit Bank Ltd.
5) Paying off our loan balances in good time as stipulated in the contract.

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